Small parts (handles, rails, mirror covers)

500 – 1500 CZK

Body parts (according to part sizes)

2000 – 6000 CZK

Varnishing of discs including scratches removal (price is per piece)

1500 – 2500 CZK

Local painting

1500 – 3000 CZK

Prices are without VAT 21%

Body repair

Welding, gluing, straightening deformation (according to the demands of work)

700 – 3000 CZK

Repair of external plastics (according to the demands of work)

700 – 3000 CZK

Repair of dents without body painting – PDR method

individual price

Prices are without VAT 21%

Interior renovation

Dry cleaning of the interior (according to pollution)

1800 – 2500 CZK

Leather renovation (color, cracks, small defects)

700 – 4000 CZK

Textile repair (burns up to 1 cm)

500 – 1000 CZK

Repair of interior plastics

500 – 2500 CZK


600 CZK

Prices are without VAT 21%


Renovation of headlights

1200 – 3000 CZK

Scratch removal (per part)

500 – 1000 CZK

Paint renovation (according to car size)

4500 – 6500 CZK

Tefloning – nano cosmetics (according to car size)

2000 – 4000 CZK

Prices are without VAT 21%

Preparing the car for sale

Complete car wash, incl. dry cleaning the interior

2500 – 4000 CZK

Presale program

7000 – 10000 CZK

Prices are without VAT 21%

What say about us

Robert Krapek
Robert Krapek
milan gdovin
milan gdovin
Dobrá firma, som s prácou a prístupom personálu nadmieru spokojný, odporucam** Maju peknu a kvalitnú pracu**😉 😉
Ale S
Ale S
I came in with some pretty bad scratches and bumps on my back fenders due to parking lot accidents and they did a really nice job fixing everything in a few days. The paint job perfectly matched and looked good as new. The price was extremely good and the receptionist spoke English to where we could perfectly understand each other. Highly recommended.

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